Robust change

Balancing operational efficiency and strategic flexibility

Realizing organizational change in such a way that the result is effective, long lasting and contributes to a value proposition that will make a difference. Seeing the bigger picture and look beyond what is visible at first glance and seems obvious. That determines the way of working of PUNT ICE and which interventions are pursued.

The underlying approach is based on scientifically proven and established change management concepts and driven by a desire to make an organization successful for and with all stakeholders. It hereby goes without saying that successful change is a collaboration between many. Working together and sharing commitments during organizational change should secure long lasting and accountable results, next to enabling improved earnings and going concern. PUNT ICE strives to streamline and anchor this delicate process of goal setting and realization.

Creating a productive balance between operational efficiency and strategic flexibility is essential and very often the determining factor for success. To be able to respond swift and decisive on new developments, without losing sight of reality an organization is currently in. Especially when doing “more with less” has been disciplined by market dynamics and become part of the standard modus operandi. The ultimate challenge is to incorporate this into a fit for purpose change strategy, right from the start, whereby a robust change method and a well thought over organizational design ensure that the intended effects of change will retain their added value for a longer period of time in an ever changing, sometimes disruptive world. When that capacity is built in, an organization has become more agile and “future proof”.